Recent Television Appearance by History Professor Nikki Taylor

Professor Nikki Taylor

A quick heads-up to let you know of some of our historians in the news these days! 

African-American history expert, Professor Nikki Taylor, recently appeared in a new television documentary hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross, which debuted on PBS in October.   In The Age of Slavery, episode 2 of the documentary, Prof. Taylor is featured in a riveting segment focused on the compelling and tragic story of Margaret Garner, a runaway slave who, after her capture, murdered her own daughter rather than allow her to be forced back into a life of slavery.   For more on the documentary, see the web site, which allows you to view a number of the episodes (including episode 2 – look to about minute 45 for the segment featuring Prof. Taylor).  On the site, you’ll also discover a trove of fascinating details on the African-American experience in our country.

Interested in the Civil War during this centennial year?  Follow our own Professor Chris Phillips who is blogging on the history of the war for the New York Times.  His most recent post on the Times blog Disunion focuses on the still little-known history of the war in the west.  Click here to read more: